Coway AP-1512HH – Small but Powerful!


It is called Mighty for a good reason – it can work for as much as 18 hours daily without developing a glitch. It does not end there. It can run on auto mode for more than 12 hours. Describing such features as ‘mighty’ is an understatement, yet Coway AP 1512HH embraces the adjective as one that befits it well. One doesn’t need to look far to understand why the air purifier has been described as one of the best ones in the market selling for less than $300. You only need to look at one or two of its most outstanding features which include:


No one needs a big purifier in a sizeable room. A small one that can get the job done is always ideal. That is what Coway AP 1512HH is all about. Small, yet powerful; it measures. 16x9x18 inches. It also features a glossy white cabinet complete with a modern air purifier styling.

Power consumption

Who wouldn’t like to have a low energy consuming air purifier? Coway AP 1512HH steps in as not just an alternative but a perfect solution. It has been described by several reviews as the lowest watt guzzler in the market. At just 15.6 watt consumption on the lowest fan setting, you can be sure the air purifier will go a long way to help you reduce your energy consumption expenses. To put the watt consumption into perspective, the 15.6 watt consumption figure translates to 2.1 extra watts on what light bulbs normally consume.


It is perfect for your office, perfect for your home. The purifier works well in rooms that are more than 361sq ft. in size. Keep in mind that it uses an ionizer to filter air. That means it is powerful enough to handle a standard bedroom of about 400 sq feet. With the size, you can easily move it around. It gets better with the fact that the unit is extremely easy to maintain.


There are a few cons of course. The most notable one has to do with the purifier’s ionizer which has been described as ineffective when it comes to removing odors. That should not be a major concern mainly because it depends on how well one sets the air purifier. Refer to its manual and the problem gets solves.

The second con lies with the ionizer as well. The unit’s negative ion generator emits ozone portions. The ozone emissions are within UL standards, so the issue should not be a great concern. You can switch off the ionizer to solve the problem. You may however, have to use a less effective purifier once the ionizer is off.


At its price, Coway AP 1512HH is without a doubt great air purifier. The fact that it has garnered a 4.6 rating on Amazon after just 50 reviews speaks a lot about how efficient it is. As far as value for money is concerned, it meets and surpasses the threshold. It gets better when one takes into account the fact that it is ideal for both home and office use.