Does Odor and Pollutants Need Special Treatment?


If you are planning to buy an air purifier, the thing to remember is that most of the air purifiers regardless of the brand, work with a view to restore a healthy balance of particles in the air. These units are also capable of removing or destroying the substances that can be harmful for humans in the air. When this is the common technology, there are air purifiers that work particularly towards neutralizing odors in the area in which they are used.


Handling odors and pollutants:

Irrespective of the purpose for which you are planning to invest on an air purifier, the fact to remember is that each unit you come across will have different specifications that are responsible for bringing temporary or permanent solutions with respect to pollutants and smells. Here are some details about the type of unit you can purchase for different types of odors and pollutants to which your family members are commonly exposed within your home:


Cigarette smoke:

This is the worst odor experienced by non-smokers in any house. Sometimes, there are chances that one of your family members might be a smoker or you might be getting cigar odor from external sources. When you wish to get rid of this odor with the help of an air purifier, the best type of unit you can purchase is ozone generator, which is highly effective in removing the strong cigar odor. You can also opt for a purifier with activated carbon filter or you can also go for the one with photocatalytic filter as well.

Volatile organic compound:

Generally, this type of odor is denoted as VOC and it is produced by certain chemical compound. Commonly, this type of odor is produced by bacteria, smoke and mold. When your problem is this odor, you can opt for ozone generators or sanitizers, units with activated carbon filter or photocatalytic filter.

Pet odors and household chemical odors:

You might be regularly using some household chemicals for cleaning your house and these chemicals can cause harm to human health as they release toxic fumes. In such a case, you can opt for units with activated carbon filter or oxidation filters. This option is applicable to pet odor in your home as well.


The everyday pollutants in any house can be pet dander, pollen, dust mites, dust and germs, virus, mold and mildew. For Pet dander, pollen, dust and dust mites, mold and mildew you can opt for units with HEPA filter, while in the case of virus and germs, you can opt for a unit with germicidal UV Lamp as suggested by US Centers of Disease Control. You can also opt for photocatalytic oxidation filtering units for virus and germs.


With these many options available, you will have to carefully evaluate the odor and pollutants that are common in your house and should make the appropriate decision when investing on air purifiers as odor and pollutants need special treatment.