Honeywell LongLife Pure HEPA. For Your Long Life


There are several air purifiers in the market today. Each unit offers different filtration degrees. It could be a 2 or an impressive 4 stage filtering level. It could also be an ionizer or a UV light filtering mode. Each air purifier is simply different from the other. But like any air purifier reviews will point out, any unit with a strong filtering system will cost you a lot. Your best bet is to stick to a value priced air purifier which can still get the job done and guarantee you clean air. That is where Honeywell LongLife Pure HEPA Quiet Care comes into the picture. But what exactly makes it special?

Brand name

Honeywell is a respected brand as far as air purifiers are concerned. This particular Honeywell series is ideal for rooms that measure up to 165 sq ft in size. The unit is also light, weighing just 13lbs. it is therefore by all mean, a portable air purifier. It gets better with the fact that it has a practical handle on top for easy handling. The icing on the cake is the appliances HEPA filter designed to collect airborne particles. The unit also features a pre-filter designed to collect contaminants and get rid of embarrassing odors at home or in an office setting.

True HEPA filter

This has to be the appliance’s most outstanding feature. Its interlink system works well with the filter, making it possible for one to monitor filter status. You simply know when it is time to replace your filter. Each filter on the appliance has its own button. Press the button and a light comes on, indicating the filter status with a blinking or continuous light. You have to replace the HEPA filter at least once every two years. Not so with pre-filters which must be changed after every three months?

Quiet working

Low noise emission is certainly a feature you should consider when shopping for air purifiers. Honeywell does and this particular series does not disappoint in that regard. The three fan speeds low, medium and high, work without producing noise. The first two fan settings are inaudible. The last setting produces what can be termed as bearable noise. The noise still allows one to study, sleep, listen to music or watch the TV.

CADR and ACH Ratings

Air Changes Per Hour or Hourly Air Changes as some people refer to it is a crucial factor when reviewing any air purifier. ACH as it is aptly refers, determines air quality by a great margin. Honeywell 17000 aces the rating in that regard with an impressive 6x. That simply means that the unit can change air quality 6 times in one hour. The CADR rating –Clean Air Delivery rate is 130. That simply means that the unit can filter 130 cubic ft of air per minute.

Extra info

The unit is energy efficient. It uses just 80 watts when set at its highest fan speed. That is the same amount of energy a bulb uses! There is also the fact that the unit is durable, easy to maintain and boasts or readily available spare parts.