Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover. Actually True!


You need air to survive. That’s for sure. Unfortunately, people often take for granted how important it is to inhale purified air. To most people, breathing is something that has to happen anyway. This is always the case until something happens. Either the air conditioner breaks down or it so happens that they cannot do without an air purifier. It then hits one that the air purifier is an essential appliance. That is where the Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover comes into the picture. It sounds like an ordinary HEPA purifier. A closer look at how it works however reveals that it is not an ordinary air purifier. But what exactly makes it special? Read on to find out.


Most, if not all best air purifier brands always claim to be 100% efficient. That is of course, a marketing gimmick or if you may, stunt. Honeywell True doesn’t claim the perfection spot, yet it performs well and supersedes expectations. At home or in the office, it is capable or removing 99.97% of minute microscopic allergens, some of which can be disease causing. Is ability to circulate a sizeable room within a short time happens to be on its most upselling features. The air purifier can circulate a room up to 5 times every hour. Then there is the fact that it features an activated carbon pre-filter, purposely designed to ensure your room is free of odors.

Ease of use

Other reviews like to describe this feature as ‘user friendly’. Others put it under the afore-explained efficiency tagged. Either way, Honeywell True HEPA Air Purifier fits the bill. It boasts of easy to tap electronic controls as well as Turbo clean settings. The turbo settings range between 2,4 and 8 hour timers. You can also opt for an electronic filter replacement reminder, a feature that makes the air purifier more than just ideal for office use.

Comprehensive manual

This happens to be something ignored by other product reviews all the time. A product may be efficient. But what good is it to a user who can’t go through its manual and understand it. Honeywell True HEPA goes off its way to ensure you have an easy time installing it. Installing its filters and removing its doors is extremely simple, as long as you follow the manual. The manual will also help you avoid damaging the appliance’s spring loaded doors locks. Simply push at the marked points, then push both sides at once and you’re ready to use the appliance.


You will love the appliance’s design and color. First off, it is black in color, which happens to be a standard color for most home and office appliances. You will also love the build in handles on the air purifier’s sides which make it easy for one to move the appliance. The biggest highlight as far as the design is concerned is however, the LED dimmer control lights. The lights are simply operating status indicators which can also be used for troubleshooting the air purifier in case of a glitch.