Pre-filter and Activated Carbon Functionality In Your Air Purifier


Nowadays, many people from around the world are turning out to air purifiers, just because they have understood the fact that these are highly beneficial units for their health. Regardless of whether it is an affordable unit or a costly unit, one thing can be found as a common feature of best rated air purifiers and it is complexity. This means that you can understand the technology behind these units only with the help of user manual. But, for using air purifiers, it is not essential to understand the technology behind, isn’t?

When you decide to invest on an air purifier and begin your research for the same, you will come across a wide range of models with different features. For instance, some of them come with photocatalytic filter, while some have HEPA filters and even there are units without pre-filters and just activated carbon filters alone.

Most of the efficient models will have pre-filters and also a powerful blend of two other filters to give the best results. Now, let us understand the functionality of pre-filters and why most units come with these filters:

Pre-filter functionality:

Going for a unit with pre-filter will bring you many advantages as compared to the units without this filter. The reason is that this initial filter in any unit will take care of the work of capturing large particles that cannot be captured by the main filter. In other words, the pre-filter will prevent the debris from getting into the main filter and so this brings addition strength to the filtering technology used in air purifiers.

In addition, pre-filters can generally be replaced or even some units come with washable or vacuumable pre-filters that will help the users to prolong the lifespan of the entire air purifier. Washable pre-filters can be the ideal choice as you need not have to spend for replacement for longer as you can frequently wash it. Of course, the pre-filter has to be replaced at some point of time as they get damaged by pollutants, pollen, fur, dust and many other unwanted particles in the air.

In short, it is suggested to go for units with pre-filters as they act as complete protectors of main filters like HEPA filters and when replaced at regular intervals or washed, they will prolong the life of the entire unit as well.

Functionality of activated carbon filter:

This filter is capable of capturing more dirt and dust that are particularly smaller as compared to standard filters. Also, to ensure the best functioning of this filter, the manufacturers use chemically engineered carbon in these filters. Not just dirt and dust, units with activated carbon filter can also help in getting rid of unpleasant odor in the room. It can also absorb colored substances like gases and liquids to keep your family members safe. But, carbon filters cannot be washed and they can only be replaced.

Now, the decision is yours and both these filters have good functions to ensure the safety of your family members.