Winix Plasma Wave 5300 for Your Health


Clean air is something people often take for granted until they miss it. Spring comes around with pollen all over. It then becomes hard for one to breathe. Or you simply work in an office where the air quality is simply not good. You go home and because you live in basement level apartment, you have the same air quality problems. It then hits you that you cannot live without best air purifier. Unfortunately for you, you do not know of the best units in town with decent prices. Winix Plasma Wave 5300 should come to your rescue.

Impressive filtration system

Winix Plasma 5300 features a three stage filtration system. Each stage is as important as the other. The first stage starts with the unit’s pre-filter capturing allergens which may or may not be seen. Large particles like pet fur, human hair, pollen and dust get eliminated at this stage. There will of course, be smaller particles which may not be captured during this stage. They are collected in the second stage by True HEPA filter, designed to capture particles that are at least 0.3 microns. The third and the most crucial stage features the ionizer, capable of ionizing and getting rid of invisible, disease causing contaminants.


You don’t come across air purifying units that are silent. But Winix Plasma Wave 5300 is! The unit’s quiet operation features 4 fan speeds which range from Sleep to Turbo. You do not have to worry about setting the unit. The air purifier comes complete with an in built air quality sensor which can automatically regulate fan speed depending on how concentrated pollutants in a room are. It does not end at just the automatic fan speed. There is also the extra Auto mode which allows the unit to speed up or slow down without you adjusting anything. It works well at home when you’re at work.

Performance figures

You can rate it as a mid-powered air purifier. You can also rate it as ideal for its price. Either way, it does not fail to impress. It works even better if you have a pet around and you are allergic to pollen. For its price range, its CADR rating is something to appreciate. The rating is 245 for dust particles, 250 for pollen and 235 for smoke. The ACH rating is also impressive, at 5. Note that ACH represent the number or rather air change intervals per hour. Note too that all these ratings are valid for rooms that are more than 350 sq. ft. in size.


The filter change indicator, built in air sensor, mode setting and so much more make this unit ideal for home and office use. But there are still other seemingly insignificant yet extremely crucial features that make up the appliance. Top of the list is the non-harmful ionizer which provided the unit with an extra filtering capacity. The only downside or rather con is the fact that Winix Plasma Wave 5300 comes with just a 1 year warranty.