Blueair 503 – Just Perfect for the Price

Blueair 503 Air Purifier Blueair 503 is a top rated air purifier you can buy and achieve great convenience in purifying air in your home or office. The air purifier has been made to get rid of all types of air pollutants. After you buy the air cleaner, you will avoid cases where members of your family will be affected by different types of allergens. The technology used in the purifier traps over 99.97% of harmful particles. The filters available in the purifier are as small as 0.1 microns. This ensures they are able to trap different types of harmful particles in the air. Before you decide to buy any type of air cleaning machine, you should always take your time and study different purifiers available. Here are great features available in Blueair 503 that make it among the best air purifiers which you can buy:

Timer enables tracking of filter changes

After you buy the air filter you will find it easy in tracking the changes in the filters. The timer is very accurate in tracking changes. This will enable you access accurate data about different types of particles that are passing through the purifier each time you will have a check at it. This will enable you set the best filters so that you will achieve great efficiency in purifying air in your home.

Traps different types of harmful particles

After you buy Blueair air purifier you will achieve in trapping different types of particles. You will get rid of smoke, dust and pollen from entering your home. This will enable members of your family who suffer from different types of allergens to enjoy great comfort when staying in your home.

Patented HEPASilent® technology

The technology used in trapping harmful particles in the purifier is very effective. It traps over 99.97% of harmful particles that may pollute air in your home. You will not risk about the quality of air that you will access after you decide to have this type of air cleaner. It will eliminate all types of foreign particles that may be harmful to your health.

Can serve rooms of up to 580 square feet in size

You will not have to worry about the size of the room which you will like to purify the air. The purifier is designed to purify air for rooms of up to 580 square feet in size. This will even lead you to saving money which you will have used to buy several units so that you will purify air in different parts of your big room.

SurroundAirTM technology

The technology enables the purifier to take in air in an area that is 6 times bigger when compared to average air cleaning machine. This will ensure you access plenty of clean air in your home. There is no day you will feel you lack enough clean air in your home or office after you decide to install Blueair 503. The air purifier is also very durable which will ensure you achieve great savings on your money after you install it in your premises.