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Certain Things To be Aware Of About Asthma, Allergies and Pollen

Many of us try hard to keep our homes clean and sanitized. Even after trying and even after cleaning, some dusts just stay as we cannot get rid of them. You might have tried different methods to control allergies in your home and whenever your kids get exposed to dust and dirt, they start sneezing […]

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Pre-filter and Activated Carbon Functionality In Your Air Purifier

Nowadays, many people from around the world are turning out to air purifiers, just because they have understood the fact that these are highly beneficial units for their health. Regardless of whether it is an affordable unit or a costly unit, one thing can be found as a common feature of best rated air purifiers […]

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Does Odor and Pollutants Need Special Treatment?

If you are planning to buy an air purifier, the thing to remember is that most of the air purifiers regardless of the brand, work with a view to restore a healthy balance of particles in the air. These units are also capable of removing or destroying the substances that can be harmful for humans […]

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Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) – What Should You Know?

When you enquire about different air purifiers available in the market for investment purpose, you will come across a term called Clean Air Delivery Rate. What is it and how is it determined? Let us find out here: What is CADR? CADR, which is the short-form of the Clean Air Delivery Rate is actually a […]

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Air Flow, Performance and Air Changes Per Hour – Considerations for Purchase of Air Purifiers

The air that we breathe in is just as crucial as the foods and beverages that we consume. When it comes to health of humans, the quality of air surely plays an important role and in the presently highly polluted world, making the air in your house purified should be one of the top priorities. […]

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